FeedSafe® Certification Audit Fees and Charges


FeedSafe® Compliance Audit Fees and Charges

There are fees and charges associated with implementing FeedSafe® at your mill.

FeedSafe® compliance audit fees and charges are set between you and the auditor. The FeedSafe® Management Team does not get involved in disputes or discussions regarding these fees. It is a commercial arrangement between the auditor and the manufacturer.


All feed mills seeking or maintaining FeedSafe® Certification must have a successful annual compliance audit conducted by an independent third party auditor.

These audits will be conducted by a FeedSafe® approved third-party auditor who is contracted by the manufacturer to conduct your audits.


It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to pay the auditor on receipt of an invoice for the audit services.



FeedSafe is the quality program for Australian animal feed manufacturing. 


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