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Program Outline



FeedSafe® Certification allows manufacturers to demonstrate that they meet legal requirements, industry Standards and customer specifications. It requires manufacturers to document procedures that outline how key procedures are performed, monitored and recorded whilst monitoring that the results comply with the Standards.

FeedSafe® requires feed manufacturers to meet minimum standards in relation to:

  • Premises and mill buildings

  • Personnel training and qualifications

  • Plant and equipment

  • Raw material sourcing and purchasing

  • Raw material quality and storage

  • Feed formulation and manufacturing

  • Product labelling

  • Loading, transport and delivery to clients

  • Product inspection, sampling and testing

  • Customer complaint investigation

Other modules may be added to FeedSafe® where FeedSafe® Standards have been agreed and approved by the SFMCA Federal Council, in order to take account of evolving industry requirements.

A wide range of stakeholders have provided technical and policy input to the program, including manufacturers, scientists, QA and audit experts, retailers and customer organisations, government, and supply chain members.


Benefits of FeedSafe® to Animal Feed Manufacturers

Managing a feed mill according to the FeedSafe® program delivers feed of a consistent quality, which in turn, delivers customer satisfaction and profitability.

Today’s discerning consumers are less informed about agricultural practices and food production than they used to be, but are very aware and concerned about food safety. They require greater assurance from industry on:

  • the implementation of efficient management and recording systems.

  • the high standards for food safety, biosecurity and traceability, as well as good manufacturing practice.

  • the spread of exotic diseases.

  • meeting  market requirements for both domestic and export markets.

  • having one set of standards for certified manufacturers

PSC Griffith Goodall Insurance Broker Ian Simpson stated "having a quality assurance program such as FeedSafe will help with obtaining insurance.  When insurance companies are doing background checks, having the FeedSafe logo on your website will be looked on favourably".

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