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FeedSafe® Manuals and Guides


FeedSafe® Manuals and Guides

  • Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for the Feed Milling Industry (Feb 2009): The Code of GMP sets out the principles for the manufacture of safe animal feed. In doing this the Code protects the health of the human consumer, protects the health of the livestock and contribute to the delivery of livestock products that meet national food standards.

  • FeedSafe® Certification Rules (V12) effective 1st September 2022:
    These rules set the operational constraints manufacturers, auditors and the FeedSafe® Management Team operate by.

  • FeedSafe Audit Checklist v12 in use from 1st January 2023
    with compulsory implementation on 1st April 2023

  • This will enable you to conduct an internal audit of your site to determine if your quality assurance system currently covers all of the FeedSafe® Standards.

Updated 10/01/23

Updated 22/12/2022

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